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Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco, California

Trauma-Informed Community Building Sets Stage for Neighborhood Revitalization. By Jeni Miller, Senior Research Associate at the Build Healthy Places Network.  Read more
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Our Roles in Creating Paths to Prosperity

by Ellie Rossiter: Hodge is a young man who grew up in Alice Griffith, one of San Francisco’s HOPE SF public housing sites. Hodge enrolled in a workforce training and employment pilot because he was struggling to make ends meet and wanted to get on a path to a better life. He arrived at the training on time every day, eager to finish out the skills training part and move on to a real job. After a couple of weeks, he called his job coach from jail to say that he was unable to make it, but... read more →
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New Partners Join Push to End Generational Poverty in SF Public Housing

Kaiser, individual donors grant $4.4 million total; join large scale public-private effort to end generational poverty in San Francisco (SAN FRANCISCO) — December 22, 2014 — Today, The San Francisco Foundation announced growing support for the Partnership for HOPE SF, a public private partnership led by The San Francisco Foundation, the City and County of San Francisco, and Enterprise Community Partners, that includes stakeholders from government, business, philanthropy, and community working together to end poverty and isolation for public housing residents. Grants include $3... read more →
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Public Housing Leaders Improve Health and Wellness

by Ellie Rossiter: When Emily Claassen was a graduate student at San Francisco State University, she took a class that produced a research report focused on peer-to-peer health strategies in HOPE SF, which was used to develop the HOPE SF Peer Health Leadership Program, launched in 2013. Soon after graduating, Emily was hired to start up and coordinate Peer Health Leadership Program at Sunnydale in Visitacion Valley – no small task. Emily Claassen (pictured forefront) is the Program Manager for the Peer Health Leadership Program at Sunnydale (in Visitacion Valley). HOPE SF’s Peer Health Leadership Program hires resident... read more →
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Five Take-Aways on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

by Ellie Rossiter: In a city as prosperous as San Francisco, residents living in HOPE SF public housing in the city’s southeast neighborhoods have lived in poverty for many generations. Families living in HOPE SF earn less than $14,000 per year; 53% of students are chronically absent from school; most adults have not gone beyond high school; and 90% of young people, ages 18-24, are unemployed. It is absolutely true that breaking the cycle of poverty requires institutional and systemic change, but equally important is understanding and addressing personal experiences... read more →
TAG : Stories: Residents and Partners
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