Resident Leaders

HOPE SF Residents are Leading Projects that Center Blackness, Prioritize Community Wellness & Healing, Promote Arts and Culture, Engage Children and Develop Youth


Youth Warriors Program – A Soul Seated Journey

Youth Warriors Program – A Soul Seated Journey is a resident co-led project by Alice Griffith resident, Lanna Anderson and Buddhist humanitarian, and the founder of Soul Seated Journey, Inc, Tiffany W. Liu. The program was designed to uplift HOPE SF Transitional age youth through a youth development and mentoring program focused on whole health wellness and transformational personal growth strategies.

“When a near-death accident shook me to my core, I went inward and discovered my life’s purpose: to transform the world from the inside out.” – Tiffany Liu

In conversations with the youth, many have vocalized a strong desire and passion for becoming positive change agents to help their families, reduce violence, improve safety, and create peace in their neighborhoods. The program encourages and enlists participants to become future Youth Warrior group leaders and mentors through engaging in a 7-week program that meets 3 times weekly.

Generational Evolution Movement (GEM)

Generational Evolution Movement (GEM) is a resident led project founded by Lafu Seumanu—Resident of Sunnydale community, a mother, and a Resident Services Coordinator serving her neighbors.

“As a service provider as well as a resident I have noticed how we sometimes neglect our talents, skills or should I say the “GEMS” of the community. Throughout years of being ignored along with increase of violence we lost the sense of community that our grandparents spoke about. Generational Evolution Movement (GEM) strong desire to discover hidden gems of Sunnydale/HOPE SF and passion to create healing space where resident can reminisce, connect, and teach.” – Lafu Seumanu

The Potrero Summer Youth Beautification (PSYB) project

The Potrero Summer Youth Beautification (PSYB) project is a resident led project by Rojard Lake (nicknamed “Poppy”). Rojard was inspired by his personal relationship to the Potrero Hill community—his home for over 35 years.

“Over the past several years, I have taken every opportunity to give my time and energy toward building trusted relationships with the adults and youth in the community, where I spend time every day. Over the past year, I have worked with many trauma impaired youth on cleaning up the neighborhood, taken them camping and mountain biking at Hollister Hills, swimming at Lake Berryessa and Discovery Bay and so much more. I have collaborated with various local San Francisco non-profits to bring these types of opportunities to the youth at Potrero. I love the community as a whole, and I can see how we can make it a better place.” – Rojard Lake