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Highlighting HOPE SF Resident Voice and Experience in the Potrero Hill Groundbreaking

Monica Ferrey has lived in HOPE SF’s Potrero Hill for about 20 years, and has most recently moved to one of many HOPE SF offsite housing communities. On a sunny day in November 2022, Monica joined a gathering of HOPE SF resident leaders, City partners, and representatives from the California Department of Housing and Community Development to witness the groundbreaking of Potrero Hill Block B, a 100% affordable housing development in the Potrero Hill community. Monica Ferrey has lived in HOPE SF’s Potrero Hill for about 20 years. As she listened to speeches by project funders and City leaders, Monica reflected on the years-long process of the Potrero Hill Master Plan redevelopment, and how it felt to be there from the beginning as public housing structures were gradually rebuilt into new affordable housing. While being present at the groundbreaking in November was an important milestone, it was also a point of reflection on the road to development that has been present in Potrero Hill over the last decade. In her reflections, Monica shared that the most successful aspects of the project could be credited to trust in community and community organizing. During the early years of redevelopment, Monica joined her […]
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HOPE SF: The Story of Now

Download the final report produced by Social Policy Research Associates (SPR). HOPE SF The Story of Now provides a snapshot of HOPE SF residents using data from our government and non-profit partners. The report and its findings are another step toward building a culture of data across the initiative and developing a shared understanding of how to use data to better support residents.
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Letter from Ellie Rossiter, Director of The Partnership for HOPE SF Dear Colleagues: After 10 amazing years, it is with profound gratitude and mixed emotions that I announce my departure from the San Francisco Foundation and HOPE SF as of December 16. I will be joining the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) as Executive Director of Community Relations and Strategic Partnerships. Together with you, the City of San Francisco, Enterprise Community Partners, and the residents of HOPE SF, we pioneered a new approach to community development. One which takes a reparative and restorative approach and centers the voice... read more →
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In 2020, the City and County of San Francisco passed Right to Return legislation which provides a housing preference to current AND former HOPE SF public housing residents—wherever they might currently live—so they benefit from rebuilt, subsidized units in their original neighborhoods in San Francisco. This policy and other key tenets of the HOPE SF program are centered on reversing the impacts of decades of disinvestment and neglect.   The new apartment building at 290 Malosi Street in Sunnydale, HOPE SF’s site in Visitacion Valley, will welcome residents later this fall. It will be the first HOPE SF... read more →
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7 Street Corner Study

In 2005, the Human Services Agency released an analysis of at-risk families known as the “Seven Street Corners Study.” The study came out of an effort to create a consolidated youth database with data from the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. When the data was merged and mapped, it revealed that most of these children lived within walking distance of just seven street corners in the city — street corners that overlapped with obsolete public housing sites where families were living geographically, socially, and economically cut off from San Francisco’s robust resources. Read ‘The Seven Key Street Corners for At Risk Families’ in San Francisco’ study  here
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Rising 6th Grader, Esiah Thompson, finishes elementary school with strong academics, a love of science, and a strong community of support.

Esiah Thompson lives in HOPE SF’s Potrero Hill site. In his graduation speech at Starr King Elementary School, he referred to himself as a “young Einstein.” Esiah’s face was beaming, as he expressed his hopes and dreams for a better future for himself and his family. He proudly proclaimed, “I am grateful for my teachers and staff who supported me all these years and am grateful to my parents and family members who supported me up to this moment. I promise to become the full adult who will serve as an example for others as well... read more →
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HOPE SF’s Sunnydale and Potrero Hill households set to get city Wi-Fi!

San Francisco’s latest project to help close the much-discussed digital divide is the expected launch of free wireless internet service for residents at the Sunnydale and Potrero public housing sites. The City in 2018 halted plans for an ambitious project to provide fiber-based broadband service to all residents and businesses that would have cost more than $1 billion. Instead it has prioritized bringing free access to select affordable housing sites. The Sunnydale and Potrero public housing sites are now slated to be equipped with wireless access by the Department of Technology. The San Francisco Housing Authority Commission on Thursday... read more →
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Resident Story “I love Hunters View. This community is strong.” Kiere Garrett


Dear Friends-  In two weeks, on April 2nd, I will step down as Director of HOPE SF, following nearly 7 years of service in the Office of the Mayor. Leading this extraordinary public-private Partnership for HOPE SF has been the greatest and most all-encompassing professional honor of my life. Together, on the shoulders of residents and with support from committed leaders and institutions, we worked relentlessly to acknowledge the harm of generations of racialized inequality on families in public housing in San Francisco. And we remained intentional on chipping away for restitution desired by residents for their... read more →
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