The Integration Initiative Final Report by Living Cities

In 2014, Living Cities launched phase two of The Integration Initiative (TII), a systems change effort to improve the lives of low-income people in areas such as workforce development, economic development, equitable transit-oriented development, education, and health. To implement TII, Living Cities’ staff worked with a cross-section of leaders in select cities to intentionally apply collective impact, public-sector innovation, capital innovation, and real-time sharing of learning.

In this final report, you will find a high-level overview of the main findings of our work of TII’s partner sites and initiative directors: Robin Brule in Albuquerque, Kurt Sommer in Baltimore, Tawanna Black in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Ashleigh Gardeire and Judith Dangerfield in New Orleans, and Ellie Rossiter and Theo Miller in San Francisco.

Read the Integration Initiative Final Report here.

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