Meet Our SGP Grantees

Monica Ferrey in front of a van on the Annex side of Potrero Hill.

Healing In The Annex
A project of Stand In Peace International | Potrero Hill

Healing in the Annex is a resident-led project by Monica Ferrey, a resident of Potrero Hill, TENANT Association president, and an avid advocate on the Annex side of Potrero Hill. Monica is a respected leader in all four HOPE SF sites. The purpose of Healing in the Annex is to deepen and strengthen the Annex resident relationships with each other, increase family support while they experience the continued violence and safety in the Annex, and increase self-nourishment and allow for self-paced healing practices.

Residents participate in their first Soul Seated Journey Workshop.

Soul Seated Journey
A project of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation | Alice Griffith

A Soul Seated Journey is a resident co-led project by Alice Griffith resident, Lanna Anderson and Buddhist humanitarian, and the founder of Soul Seated Journey, Inc, Tiffany W. Liu. The program was designed to uplift HOPE SF Transitional age youth through a youth development and mentoring program focused on whole health wellness and transformational personal growth strategies. “When a near-death accident shook me to my core, I went inward and discovered my life’s purpose: to transform the world from the inside out.” – Tiffany Liu

In conversations with the youth, many have vocalized a strong desire and passion for becoming positive change agents to help their families, reduce violence, improve safety, and create peace in their neighborhoods. The program encourages and enlists participants to become future Youth Warrior group leaders and mentors through engaging in a 7-week program that meets 3/weekly.

Us 4 Us youth participant serving food to the community.

Us 4 Us, Bay Area
A project of Renaissance Parents for Success | Alice Griffith

Us 4 Us is a resident led project led by Damien Posey, better known to the community as “Uncle Damien”—who has been positively and actively engaged in the San Francisco community for over ten years. “My personal experience of being born and raised across the city in not only Double Rock, formerly referred to by local law enforcement as the “Kill Zone” and better known to you all as the Alice Griffith HOPE SF site, but also in Potrero Hill and Westpoint—makes me uniquely qualified and uniquely trusted by the residents in these communities. Through my personal growth and dedication I have been able to provide services and resources to these communities which are often the hardest to reach, most challenging to engage and often the first disregarded by the decision makers in our city.” Damien received a HOPE SF small grant to lead HOPE SF youth through comprehensive youth development programming and mentoring focused on economic and educational advancement and entrepreneurship.

Sunnydale residents practice yoga in Oyster Point, San Francisco.

Loyal Butterflies Women Wellness Empowerment Program Inc
A project of The Good Rural | Sunnydale

The Loyal Butterflies Women Wellness Empowerment Program is a resident led community-based organization founded in February 2013 by Executive Director La`Jeana S. Thompson—born and raised in the Sunnydale Public Housing Development. She has been serving her community for over 15 years as an advocate, mentor, and community leader, providing Domestic Violence Peer Counseling, Job Readiness Workshops, and Support Groups to women and young girls. Loyal Butterflies’ mission is to motivate, inspire, empower and encourage African American women living in San Francisco Public Housing Development to focus on their Health & Wellness, Racial Equity, Social Justice, higher education, and economic upward mobility.

Potrero Hill residents at one of the shared learning sessions.

Happy Habits in The Hood
A project of Stand In Peace International | Potrero Hill

Happy Habits in The Hood is a resident led project by Tenika Blue—A SF native who resides in Potrero Hill. “I have a strong connection to HOPE SF as an active resident who engages with my community! I also partner with various community organizations in a volunteer capacity to ensure maximum reach of my efforts. I started ‘Happy Habits in the Hood’ last year in 2020 as a response to the COVID pandemic. My goal was to bring residents together in a safe way that intersects education and cultural tradition using art, music and engaging in activities that allowed residents to freely express themselves. A culture of bonding was created, and momentum was tracked. This is my attempt to keep the momentum of healing circulated so that we can all arrive at a place of wellness that we so desperately seek. This is also my first time presented with an opportunity for funding.”

Resident with the completed arts and crafts activity, a flower wreath.

Generational Evolution Movement
A project of Stand In Peace International | Sunnydale

Generational Evolution Movement (GEM) is a resident led project founded by Lafu Seumanu—Resident of Sunnydale community, a mother, and a Resident Services Coordinator serving her neighbors. “As a service provider as well as a resident I have noticed how we sometimes neglect our talents, skills or should I say the “GEMS” of the community. Throughout years of being ignored along with increase of violence we lost the sense of community that our grandparents spoke about. Generational Evolution Movement (GEM) strong desire to discover hidden gems of Sunnydale/HOPE SF and passion to create healing space where resident can reminisce, connect, and teach.” – Lafu Seumanu

A group of residents working on an art project.

Honey Art Studio
A project of New Community Leadership Foundation | Hunters View and Alice Griffith

Honey Art Studio is a program ran by community friend, Ericka Scott. Honey Art Studio brought art programming to Alice Griffith HOPE SF residents to foster creativity and improve wellness that provides a pathway into arts-based and 21st century careers. Participants learn to sew, build community cohesion while celebrating cultural artforms and connect with shared histories. “The families our youth come from do not have the resources to send their youth to the plethora of for-profit arts programs that their more affluent peers have access to. As a result, as they move into adulthood they may feel intimidated to start exploring the arts. We make arts accessible for all. Programming incorporates cultural histories and connections.” – Ericka Scott

Three volunteers distribute backpacks.

All My Usos

All My Usos is a team of eight people, all raised in the streets of San Francisco. “We are community members that once needed these services and now serve the community. We are a volunteer, newly formed non-profit organization that comes together to support our community by putting on community wide events that bring resources and information to the residents of HOPE SF with the intention to uplift their quality of life.” The team is rooted in all four HOPE SF communities through a connection of family, friends, community events and work. The Small Grants Program seeded a Backpack Giveaway / Health Fair that reached over 400 people. This was a combination of children, youth, adults and senior citizens that took advantage of COVID testing, COVID vaccines, and some residents even donated blood.

Hope SF youth Champions distributing Mental Health Kits to residents.

Champs Community Care
A project of BACR | All Four HOPE SF Communities

CHAMPS YOUTH PROGRAM (BACR) is a resident led program by Chloe Underdue—a third generation Sunnydale resident. “I have lived in all HOPE SF sites with the exception of West Point. I started my work in community development and policy implementation at the age of twelve, with the Girls After School Academy and the Tobacco Free Project. I’m currently the Program Manager for the Hope SF Youth Leadership program, a youth development focused bay area organization. The HOPE SF Champions represent the potential of youth power. Our Champions participate in an 18-month leadership development, service learning program, that aims to disrupt hopelessness in public housing. Over their term, Champions receive over 80 hours of leadership training, work closely with SF Mayor’s Office and run youth-led projects that benefit residents in HOPE SF communities. Champions are highly motivated to be the voice of public housing. Given their lived experience, they are highly qualified and effective in conducting peer to peer community engagement and act as liaisons to residents in public housing. Champions are trusted agents of social change.” – Chloe Underdue

Youth ambassadors receiving certificates for completing the 8-week program.

Youth Annex Beautification Program
A project of Stand in Peace International | Potrero Hill

The Potrero Summer Youth Beautification (PSYB) project is a resident led project by Rojard Lake (nicknamed “Poppy”). Rojard was inspired by his personal relationship to the Potrero Hill community—his home for over 35 years. “Over the past several years, I have taken every opportunity to give my time and energy toward building trusted relationships with the adults and youth in the community, where I spend time every day. Over the past year, I have worked with many trauma impaired youth on cleaning up the neighborhood, taken them camping and mountain biking at Hollister Hills, swimming at Lake Berryessa and Discovery Bay and so much more. I have collaborated with various local San Francisco non-profits to bring these types of opportunities to the youth at Potrero. I love my community, and I can see how we can make it a better place.” – Rojard Lake

Residents participating in the International Day of Peace on 9/21/2021.

International Day of Peace
A project of Stand In Peace International | Potrero Hill

International Day of Peace is a resident led project by Founder and CEO of Stand In Peace International, Shervon Hunter from Potrero Hill. The International Day of Peace creates opportunities to promote peace. “Our communities struggle with poverty, education, violence and inadequate healthcare. A day of Peace can make big impacts. Our activities consist of community building, delicious food, peace walks and and city-wide Peace activities

Youth at one of the four events for residents to gather, showcase art, and speak on community issues.

Transformational Miracles
A project of T. Silas Foundation | Potrero Hill

Transformation miracles is a project led by former HOPE SF resident Dr. Reginold Daniels—who has lived in San Francisco for over 45 years. “I have lived in Sunnydale, Potrero Hill, and Bayview Hunter’s Point. I know my community, well!” Dr. Daniels developed a passion for coaching and mentoring youth after successfully breaking the cycle of addiction and incarceration in his own life. In partnership with HOPE SF communities and the small grants program, Transformation Miracles’ mission is to support HOPE SF residents by assisting legacy families towards collective joy and healing in their own communities. Dr. Reginold and his team does this through hosting various events that engage trauma informed youth and families, directly in the heart of HOPE SF.